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This plugin checks for read-only mount points, such as / mounted read-only due to file system errors, mounted CD-ROMs or ISO files, etc. It always ignores ramfs and squashfs (snapd) by default.

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Every 15 minutes

Can be called without parameters


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usage: fs-ro [-h] [-V] [--always-ok] [--ignore IGNORE] [--test TEST]

Warns if a file system is mounted read-only.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help       show this help message and exit
  -V, --version    show program's version number and exit
  --always-ok      Always returns OK.
  --ignore IGNORE  Mount point that should be ignored (repeatable). For
                   example, if you provide `/sys/fs`, all mount points
                   starting with `/sys/fs` will be ignored. Default: ['/proc',
                   '/snap', '/sys/fs']
  --test TEST      For unit tests. Needs "path-to-stdout-file,path-to-stderr-

Usage Examples

./fs-ro --ignore /proc,/sys/fs


Everything is ok. 21 mount points checked.


  • WARN if a read only mount point is found (which is not on the ignore list).

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