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This plugin lets you check the most common analytics values from Matomo, for one website and for any given date and period.

Use the --metric=name[,warn-range][,crit-range] parameter to filter the output and to check against thresholds. You have to provide the Matomo token_auth to the Plugin’s --password parameter. This token_auth is as secret as your login and password, so do not share it. If you want to view or change this token, please go to Personal > Security > Auth Tokens (there, click on the token to see the full information). For details, have a look at the Matomo API documentation.

Run this check as often as needed.

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Check Interval Recommendation

Every 15 minutes

Can be called without parameters


Available for

Python 2, Python 3, Windows




usage: matomo-reporting [-h] [-V] [--always-ok] [--date DATE]
                        [--idsite IDSITE] [--insecure] [--metric METRIC]
                        [--no-proxy] [--password PASSWORD] [--period PERIOD]
                        [--timeout TIMEOUT] [-u URL]

This plugin lets you check the most common analytics values from Matomo, for
one or several websites and for any given date and period.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help           show this help message and exit
  -V, --version        show program's version number and exit
  --always-ok          Always returns OK.
  --date DATE          REST API date, for example "date=last10" or
                       "date="today". Default: today
  --idsite IDSITE      REST API idSite, for example "idsite=1", "idsite=1,4,5"
                       or "idsite=all". Default: 1
  --insecure           This option explicitly allows to perform "insecure" SSL
                       connections. Default: False
  --metric METRIC      Filter the output and optionally check against
                       thresholds or ranges, for example "--metric
                       nb_visits,100:,50:" (repeating, csv, works with
                       ranges). Default: []
  --no-proxy           Do not use a proxy. Default: False
  --password PASSWORD  REST API Access Token. Default: anonymous
  --period PERIOD      REST API period, for example "period=range" or
                       "period=day". Default: day
  --timeout TIMEOUT    Network timeout in seconds. Default: 3 (seconds)
  -u URL, --url URL    Matomo URL. Default:

Usage Examples

./matomo-reporting --url --password anonymous --idsite 1 --period day --date today
./matomo-reporting --url --password anonymous --idsite 1 --period day --date today --metric nb_visits
./matomo-reporting --period day --date today --metric sum_total_audio_impressions --metric form_resubmitters_rate,3,5 --metric avg_form_time_spent,,:120 --metric nb_visits,0:10000
./matomo-reporting --url --password anonymous --idsite 1 --period day --date today --metric avg_page_load_time --metric nb_visits,0:10000


avg_page_load_time: 0.6, nb_visits: 42.0


  • If wanted, always returns OK,

  • else returns WARN or CRIT if any of the metrics is in, not in, above or below the given thresholds and ranges.

Perfdata / Metrics

Perfdata is always returned completely, for example:

  • avg_page_load_time

  • avg_time_dom_completion

  • avg_time_dom_processing

  • avg_time_network

  • avg_time_on_load

  • avg_time_on_site

  • avg_time_on_site_new

  • avg_time_on_site_returning

  • avg_time_server

  • avg_time_transfer

  • bounce_count

  • bounce_rate

  • bounce_rate_new

  • bounce_rate_returning

  • conversion_rate

  • conversion_rate_new_visit

  • conversion_rate_returning_visit

  • max_actions

  • max_actions_new

  • max_actions_returning

  • nb_actions

  • nb_actions_new

  • nb_actions_per_visit

  • nb_actions_per_visit_new

  • nb_actions_per_visit_returning

  • nb_actions_returning

  • nb_conversions

  • nb_conversions_new_visit

  • nb_conversions_returning_visit

  • nb_downloads

  • nb_keywords

  • nb_outlinks

  • nb_pageviews

  • nb_searches

  • nb_uniq_downloads

  • nb_uniq_outlinks

  • nb_uniq_pageviews

  • nb_uniq_visitors

  • nb_uniq_visitors_new

  • nb_uniq_visitors_returning

  • nb_users

  • nb_users_new

  • nb_users_returning

  • nb_visits

  • nb_visits_converted

  • nb_visits_converted_new_visit

  • nb_visits_converted_returning_visit

  • nb_visits_new

  • nb_visits_returning

  • PagePerformance_domcompletion_hits

  • PagePerformance_domcompletion_time

  • PagePerformance_domprocessing_hits

  • PagePerformance_domprocessing_time

  • PagePerformance_network_hits

  • PagePerformance_network_time

  • PagePerformance_onload_hits

  • PagePerformance_onload_time

  • PagePerformance_pageload_hits

  • PagePerformance_pageload_time

  • PagePerformance_server_hits

  • PagePerformance_servery_time

  • PagePerformance_transfer_hits

  • PagePerformance_transfer_time

  • Referrers_distinctCampaigns

  • Referrers_distinctKeywords

  • Referrers_distinctSearchEngines

  • Referrers_distinctSocialNetworks

  • Referrers_distinctWebsites

  • Referrers_distinctWebsitesUrls

  • Referrers_visitorsFromCampaigns

  • Referrers_visitorsFromCampaigns_percent

  • Referrers_visitorsFromDirectEntry

  • Referrers_visitorsFromDirectEntry_percent

  • Referrers_visitorsFromSearchEngines

  • Referrers_visitorsFromSearchEngines_percent

  • Referrers_visitorsFromSocialNetworks

  • Referrers_visitorsFromSocialNetworks_percent

  • Referrers_visitorsFromWebsites

  • Referrers_visitorsFromWebsites_percent

  • revenue

  • revenue_new_visit

  • revenue_returning_visit

  • sum_visit_length

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