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Check VMs on a KVM host using virsh list. Needs sudo.

The state field lists what state each domain (a VM) is currently in. A domain can be in one of the following possible states:

  • running
    The domain is currently running on a CPU.
  • idle
    The domain is idle, and not running or runnable. This can be caused because the domain is waiting on IO (a traditional wait state) or has gone to sleep because there was nothing else for it to do.
  • paused
    The domain has been paused, usually occurring through the administrator running virsh suspend. When in a paused state the domain will still consume allocated resources like memory, but will not be eligible for scheduling by the hypervisor.
  • in shutdown
    The domain is in the process of shutting down, i.e. the guest operating system has been notified and should be in the process of stopping its operations gracefully.
  • shut off
    The domain is not running. Usually this indicates the domain has been shut down completely, or has not been started.
  • crashed
    The domain has crashed, which is always a violent ending. Usually this state can only occur if the domain has been configured not to „restart on crash“ (in the guest OS).
  • pmsuspended
    The domain has been suspended by guest power management, e.g. entered into s3 state.

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Every 15 minutes

Can be called without parameters


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command-line tool virsh


usage: kvm-vm [-h] [-V] [--always-ok]

Check VMs on a KVM host using "virsh list".

  -h, --help     show this help message and exit
  -V, --version  show program's version number and exit
  --always-ok    Always returns OK.

Usage Examples



VMs: 5 running, 1 shutoff

ID ! VM Name     ! State
2  ! nextcloud   ! running
9  ! mon02       ! running
10 ! infra02     ! running
11 ! mon01       ! shutoff
13 ! mailstore01 ! running


  • CRIT if any VM is crashed.

  • WARN if any VM is in state idle, paused or pmsuspended.

  • Otherwise OK (even if no VM is running at all).

Perfdata / Metrics

  • vm_running

  • vm_idle

  • vm_paused

  • vm_in_shutdown

  • vm_shut_off

  • vm_crashed

  • vm_pmsuspended

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