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This check command tests the restic repository for errors and reports any errors it finds. In contrast to the restic check sub-command it cannot be used to read all data and therefore simulate a restore.

restic-check will always load all data directly from the repository and not use a local cache, so take into account that this might take several minutes to execute, especially if the restic repository is corrupted.

Refer to the online manual for more details about restic.

Fact Sheet

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Check Interval Recommendation

Once a day

Can be called without parameters


Compiled for

Linux, Windows


usage: restic-check [-h] [-V] [--password-file PASSWORD_FILE] --repo REPO
                    [--test TEST]

Check the restic repository for errors.

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -V, --version         show program's version number and exit
  --password-file PASSWORD_FILE
                        File to read the repository password from
  --repo REPO           Repository location
  --test TEST           For unit tests. Needs "path-to-stdout-file,path-to-

Usage Examples

./restic-check --repo=/path/to/restic-repo --password-file=/path/to/restic-pwd


There are warnings.

pack 74f3c4c9: does not exist
pack 590110aa: does not exist
pack 3a551e0f: does not exist
pack 1c9901af: does not exist
pack e577c6b0: does not exist
Load(<data/74f3c4c9f6>, 484, 616018) returned error, retrying after 13.811796615s: open /path/to/restic-repo/data/74/74f3c4c9f6d2c5d2d85acd07b7c72dc53926002f234fb4f8e161e51e2cd67ab7: no such file or directory
error for tree 5e730b1a:
  ReadFull(<data/74f3c4c9f6>): open /path/to/restic-repo/data/74/74f3c4c9f6d2c5d2d85acd07b7c72dc53926002f234fb4f8e161e51e2cd67ab7: no such file or directory
Fatal: repository contains errors


  • WARN if exit status of restic check != 0

  • WARN if output of restic check does not contain no errors

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