ist das CLI zum populären Cyberduck der Firma Iterate aus Bern. Der Client beherrscht die Protokolle:

  • Amazon S3

  • Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage

  • Dracoon (Email Address)

  • Dropbox

  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

  • FTPS (Explicit Auth TSL)

  • Google Cloud Storage

  • Google Drive

  • Local

  • Microsoft OneDrive

  • Rackspace Cloud Files (US)

  • SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol)

  • Spectra S3 (HTTPS)

  • Swift (OpenStack Object Storage)

  • WebDAV (HTTP)

  • WebDAV (HTTPS)

  • Windows Azure Storage



Installation des Stable Build:

echo -e "[duck-stable]\n\
gpgcheck=0" | sudo tee /etc/yum.repos.d/duck-stable.repo > /dev/null

sudo dnf -y install duck

Duck Cheat Sheet

Usage:duck [options...]

URLs must be fully qualified. Paths can either denote a remote file (ftps:// or folder (ftps:// with a trailing slash. You can reference files
relative to your home directory with /~ (ftps://
Default protocols
                      FTP (File Transfer Protocol) ftp://<hostname>/<folder>/<file>
                       FTP-SSL (Explicit AUTH TLS) ftps://<hostname>/<folder>/<file>
                 SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) sftp://<hostname>/<folder>/<file>
                                     WebDAV (HTTP) dav://<hostname>/<folder>/<file>
                                    WebDAV (HTTPS) davs://<hostname>/<folder>/<file>
                        SMB (Server Message Block) smb://<hostname>/<folder>/<file>

                                         Amazon S3 s3:(//<hostname>)/<container>/<key>
                              Google Cloud Storage gs:/<container>/<key>
                    OpenStack Swift (Keystone 2.0) swift://<hostname>/<container>/<key>
                      OpenStack Swift (Keystone 3) swift://<hostname>/<container>/<key>
                        Rackspace Cloud Files (US) rackspace:/<container>/<key>
                        Windows Azure Blob Storage azure:(//<hostname>)/<container>/<key>
                        Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage b2:/<container>/<key>

                                           Dropbox dropbox:/<folder>/<file>
                                      Google Drive googledrive:/<folder>/<file>
                                Microsoft OneDrive onedrive:/<folder>/<file>
                              Microsoft SharePoint sharepoint:/<folder>/<file>
                                   DRACOON (OAuth) dracoon:(//<hostname>)/<folder>/<file>
                                         Nextcloud nextcloud://<hostname>/<folder>/<file>
                                          ownCloud owncloud://<hostname>/<folder>/<file>
Local Disk
                                   linuxfabrik.loc file:/<folder>/<file>

Third party connection profiles. Install additional connection profiles in ~/.duck/profiles

    --anonymous                           No login
    --application <path>                  External editor application
 -c,--mkdir <url>                         Make directory
    --chmod <mode>                        Set explicit permission from octal mode value for uploaded file
    --copy <url> <url>                    Copy from origin server to target server
 -d,--download <url> <file>               Download file or folder. Denote a folder with a trailing '/'
 -D,--delete <url>                        Delete
    --debug                               Print debug output
 -e,--existing <action>                   Transfer actions for existing files
                                          Downloads and uploads:
                                                     resume  Resume (Append existing files)
                                                  overwrite  Overwrite (Overwrite all files)
                                                    similar  Rename (Rename transferred files with a timestamp appended to the filename)
                                                     rename  Rename existing (Rename existing files with timestamp appended to filename)
                                                       skip  Skip (Skip transfer of files that already exist)
                                                    compare  Compare (Skip files that match size, modification date or checksum)
                                                     cancel  Cancel (Cancel)
                                                   download  Download (Download changed and missing files)
                                                     upload  Upload (Upload changed and missing files)
                                                     mirror  Mirror (Download and Upload)
                                                     cancel  Cancel (Cancel)

    --edit <url>                          Edit file in external editor
 -h,--help                                Print this help
 -i,--identity <private key file>         Selects a file from which the identity (private key) for public key authentication is read.
 -l,--list <url>                          List files in remote folder
 -L,--longlist <url>                      Long list format with modification date and permission mask
    --nochecksum                          Skip verifying checksum
    --nokeychain                          Do not save passwords in keychain
 -p,--password <password or secret key>   Password
 -P,--preserve                            Preserve permission, ACL, metadata and modification date
    --parallel <connections>              Number of concurrent connections to use for transfers
    --profile <profile>                   Use connection profile
    --purge <url>                         Invalidate file in CDN
 -q,--quiet                               Suppress progress messages
 -r,--retry <count>                       Retry failed connection attempts
    --region <location>                   Location of bucket or container
    --synchronize <url> <directory>       Synchronize folders
    --throttle <bytes per second>         Throttle bandwidth
 -u,--username <username or access key>   Username
    --udt                                 Use UDT protocol if applicable
    --upload <url> <file>                 Upload file or folder recursively
 -V,--version                             Show version number and quit.
 -v,--verbose                             Print transcript
    --vault <path>                        Unlock vault
 -y,--assumeyes                           Assume yes for all prompts

Cyberduck is libre software licenced under the GPL. For general help about using Cyberduck, please refer to and the wiki at For bug reports or feature requests
open a ticket at
Not registered. Purchase a donation key to support the development of this software.

Built on 2024-04-18