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Checks the security of your private cloud server using Nextcloud Security Scan from, so the check itself does not need to run on the same host that serves Nextcloud. Triggers a rescan on if result is older than 14 days (default). Have a look at for further explanation. Works with ownCloud, too.


  • Run it once a day max. There is an API limit at the server at the /api/queue endpoint with less than 100 POST requests a day (you will then run into a „403 Forbidden“).

  • --noproxy not implemented

  • --insecure not implemented

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Check Interval Recommendation

Once a day or week

Can be called without parameters


Compiled for

Linux, Windows


usage: nextcloud-security-scan [-h] [-V] [--insecure] [--no-proxy]
                               [--timeout TIMEOUT] [--trigger TRIGGER] -u URL

Checks the security of your private Nextcloud server.

  -h, --help         show this help message and exit
  -V, --version      show program's version number and exit
  --insecure         This option explicitly allows to perform "insecure" SSL
                     connections. Default: False
  --no-proxy         Do not use a proxy. Default: False
  --timeout TIMEOUT  Network timeout in seconds. Default: 7 (seconds)
  --trigger TRIGGER  Trigger re-scan of the Nextcloud server if result on
            is older than n days. Default: 14
  -u URL, --url URL  Nextcloud API URL, for example "".

Usage Examples

./nextcloud-security-scan --url --timeout 1 --trigger 10


"A+" rating for, checked at 2021-06-04, on Nextcloud v21.0.2.1.


  • CRIT if Nextcloud Rating is F, E.

  • WARN if Nextcloud Rating is D, C.

  • Otherwise OK.

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There is no perfdata.

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